Thursday, November 02, 2006

President Clinton Endorses Cindy Chavez

Just when it looked like things were over, the Chavez campaign unleashed a secret weapon today. When President WIlliam Jefferson Clinton came into California yesterday for a Proposition 87 rally and fundraiser for the DCCC, he recorded a radio commercial endorsing San Jose Mayoral Candidate Cindy Chavez. As a New York resident and a national leader of the Democratic Party, this endorsement definitely raises some eyebrows.

Why would President Clinton even care about the SJ Mayor's race when the Democrats are in a position to try and win back Congress? Chavez and Reed are both Democrats, and no offense to CIndy...but she's no Monica. So then why would the most successful Democrat in recent years throw his name behind the underdog running against a Democrat in a local election?

Well aside from the fact that San Jose is the tenth largest city in the nation, Clinton legitimately believes that Cindy is the best for the job. Though advisors were hesitant to allow Clinton to give his endorsement because there were two Democrats running in the election, Clinton insisted that Cindy was a Clintonian Democrat through and through. Reed's Democrat Halloween costume couldn't stand up to Clinton, and Cindy's endorsement list has officially released it's 37th volume. Reed recently earned the endorsement of anonymous, which puts him with almost enough endorsements to fill up a post-it. This last minute surprise from the Chavez campaign might be too little too late with the election less than six days away. But, an endorsement from Clinton might be the spark needed to get some undecided voters or unintended voters to go out and vote for CIndy. One thing finally seems clear here, the Democratic leaders, either local or national, want CIndy in CIty Hall. Maybe it's time that this mother and wife step up to the plate and clean up the scandal and rumors that have been stifling City Hall.


At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CIndy may not be as attractive as Monica, but this sure isn't a clean endorsement! Did you see Cindy's blue dress this morning at her press conference!?!? Who cares what tricks the Chavez campaign team has to pull! Look at the polls, the election is over!

Restore the Pride, Reed in '06

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

A mature comment as usual, did you go back to your MAD TV tapes from the 90's to come up with that hilarious gem anonymous?

You got one thing right Rookie, Clinton is a man too smart to be fooled by the costume that Reed is wearing during election season. Come November 8th, Reed will be returning his Democrat costume to Spirit, and the conservative sleaze will shine through again!

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Other said...

So Cindy's mentor Ron G. sleeps with his aide half his age, then divorces his wife of 30+ years....

Bill Clinton puts his penis in the mouth of an 22 year old intern in the oval office. and

And her supporters are excited he endorses Chavez?

Here's the deal - everyday democrats don't have much respect for Bill Clinton. It's only the starry eyed Dem party social climbers that think he's the cats meow. This endorsement is a real stupid idea. But it will make Cindy feel like a Queen for a Day. She needs it.

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You chavez supporters are so hapless, lol. Clinton supports Prop. 87 daily on tv commercials, and that will not win either.

LOL, restore the pride and get rid of scvummy Chavez. Reed in '06!

At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Hope said...

More than half the voters have already cast their ballots. Chavez blew it when she rummaged around in a young immigrants personnel file, and tried to embarrass Reed because he, among others at City Hall, okayed money towards her education. I think Chavez lost the election with this last stunt. She’s hit the lowest point I’ve seen her hit so far.
Clinton is no longer respected or liked, Democrat or not. His tape recorded message for Gore didn’t win him the election either. The Democratic Party has behaved so badly that I am ashamed to be one. Thank God Chavez is out.

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous mr mortar said...

That is pretty remarkable.

Anonymous shows his/her true political colors in writing off the endorsement of the real leader of the Democratic party. You're obviously a Repub. Go rally against abortion or bash homosexuals with Reed supporters on some other site.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous d.h.k. said...

You guys really are pathetic. Trying to knock down a peg one of the best Presidents of the past 50 years because of a sexual indiscretion. The vast majority of Americans (and modern civilization) never cared about Clinton's private life - they cared about what he did while in office.

Your attacks on the endorsement show your age. We, the youth of the 21st century, don't care about outdated puritanical values. We want results. Clinton brought us results. Chavez will bring us the same.

And to your first comment, anonymous, would you make sexual attacks against a candidate that Clinton endorsed that was a male? You're pathetic - you really are.

Reed and his supporters have shown that they can be homophobic (remember the same-sex marriage vote?). They've shown that they can be racist (remember the Mercury News forum comments that "of course Chavez doesn't have money - she's Hispanic"? remember the comments on San Jose Inside attacking Chavez for her lack of "minority-ness"?) . They've shown that they can be classist (remember attacking donations made by people who judged based on their profession of course couldn't afford to be involved in the political process?)

Now you show that you can be sexist too.

Grow up.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Max said...

It was not a sexual "attack." It's the TRUTH -- something this site cannot decifer. Same thing when Reed points out Cindy's voting record. You scream "Attack" and "dirty campaigning." Can you explain what she is doing then? Positive campaigning??? Focusing on the issues???

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous philip s. said...

This site cannot "decifer" truth?

You say your attack was not sexual because it is true? Insinuating that Cindy Chavez had a sexual relationship with Clinton is a true attack? That's about as reediculous as it can get!

Your attack was sexist, Maxnonymous, because women often face glass ceilings in our society. When they succeed, when they climb the social/professional ladder, sexists often attack them claiming that they must have used their sexuality to gain that advantage. That's sexist because those attacks are only leveled against women. When those Republican women endorsed Chuck, you would never say "well, Chuck must have slept with them" to get their stamp of approval.

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous The 21st century said...

Yeah, welcome to it.

We don't care about what politicians do in their private lives - so long as they fight for us and our interests. Clinton will be remembered as the best President since Kennedy. Chavez will be remembered as one of the best mayors our city has ever seen.

Good work on getting this endorsement. Hopefully my fellow Dems will know who the REAL Democratic candidate is next week.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Max said...

Where did was the comment even hinting Cindy has a sexual relationship with Clinton? I didn't see that, just pointing to the facts that Clinton had an affair with an intern.

If you don't think it matters what people do in their private lives you are somehow mislead. What people do privately is a great showing of who they really are. Clinton had an affair and then lied to a grand jury. Is it right to lie?

Don't put me with anonymous. I signed my name.

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

You're right Max, a leader's personal life is very telling of how they are as a leader. I'll never forget the footage on CNN of President Clinton having sexual relations with Kosovo!

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous mr mortar said...

Hey maxnonymous - read the first post you made on this article: "Did you see Cindy's blue dress this morning at her press conference?"

Or maybe that was the OTHER sexist Reed supporter. It's so hard to keep them straight anymore on this website.


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