Friday, October 06, 2006

Reed's-Full-Tax-Disclosure-Watch: Day # 16

On September 20th, Cindy Chavez asked Chuck Reed to disclose his tax information. Chuck Reed responded by sharing bits and pieces. What inquiring minds want to know is whether or not Chuck wrote off any of his "charitable" donations and then proceeded to write them off for tax purposes.

Initially, most thought that Mr. Ethics would never do something so monumentally... illegal. But after the Chuck E. Cheapskate scandal, many of us are really starting to wonder. Chuck initially resisted disclosing this information based on "larger policy considerations". But now that only some of his info has been released, many are wondering if he has something to hide.

Nobody wants to create a Salem-like atmosphere. But when you've screwed up this bad, when you've used more than $38,000 of the public's fund, you've inherited the obligation of demonstrating that surrounding conduct was legal.

Step up to the plate, Mr. Reed and show us that you didn't do anything illegal... It's that simple.


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