Wednesday, October 04, 2006

COMPAC Goes After Chavez With Push Poll

In what some are considering a quixotic quest, Pat Dando and COMPAC are reportedly coming after Cindy Chavez again. Emboldened by a recent decision by a federal judge, COMPAC is allegedly pulling out another "push poll" against Chavez.

A push poll is defined as a political technique designed to influence or alter public opinion by emphasizing a particular issue under the guise of conducting a poll. The tactic received national attention when Karl Rove employed it to strip John McCain of his momentum in the 2000 Republican Primary. There, the poll asked people if their opinion regarding McCain would change if they knew that he had fathered an illegitimate child of color. Political scientists consider this push poll to be the critical tactic that cost McCain the South Carolina primary and ultimately the Republican nomination.

Phil Yost's political blog discusses the issue peripherally identifying the push poll that is going around. We have received emails covering the topic reporting that COMPAC and Dando are behind it once again. We are unaware of what is being discussed in the call.

Push polling might not be a unique move by COMPAC. A push poll last May went out criticizing Chavez for her support of using eminent domain over the Tropicana Shopping Center. Many believe COMPAC was behind that call as well --- a claim that Dando denies.

Push polling has been condemned by the National Associations of Political Consultants. Many regard it to be a dishonest tactic. Only time will tell how the voters of San Jose will react to it.

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