Monday, October 16, 2006

Who Reads This "Waste Of Internet Space"?

After recently being called a "waste of Internet space" on Phil Yost's blog, we got to wondering, who actually reads this site?!

Does the Mercury News? After getting the ball rolling about who the Merc would endorse, our local paper has delayed its endorsement announcement already by 2 days. At this point, we are wondering that the editors are wondering the same question we are: which way of NOT endorsing Chavez will they go?

Our pool has the possibilities as: 1) Chuck, 2) No Endorsement, or 3) Write-in Pandori.

In the meantime, to be fair, the Merc has provided a couple solid columns to review over the past 2 days.

Read about the candidates on "growth" here from today's paper.

Yesterday, the paper had a section with 5 questions asked of Chuck and 5 questions asked of Cindy. The answers reveal what we already know about the candidates' orientations. No biggie. However, we here at MW like this type of reporting from the SJMN. We challenge you to allocate space for more information that comes from the candidates themselves.

We'll keep you posted as things develop!


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