Monday, September 25, 2006

Sen. Barbara Boxer Endorses Cindy Chavez…and only Cindy Chavez

This weekend, Chavez announced the endorsement of Sen. Barbara Boxer. To many, this might seem a little extraordinary. Why would a United States Senator weigh in on a local city council election?

Says Boxer, “Cindy Chavez possesses a unique combination of bold vision and pragmatic leadership. She is fighting to protect our open space while encouraging new clean-energy businesses in San Jose . Cindy will always stand up for our values and our environment.”

In an election that has made ethics and trustworthiness at the center of the debate, this is another coup for the Chavez campaign. Cindy currently boasts of endorsements from all across Santa Clara County. She already was endorsed by a handful of Congressmembers. This is her first U.S. Senator.

On a related note (and one that now becomes important in this day and age), Boxer did not also endorse Reed. (See the below post for clarification.)


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"protecting our open space"

Sounds like Boxer needs to review Cindy's record on Coyote valley.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger SanJoseLady said...

Anonymous....there has been nothing done in Coyote Valley...and Chavez has said that we need to make sure the job triggers are kept intact. What, exactly are you saying? Would help if you maybe had a quote or something...but then again maybe you just "heard" that she said something....

At 7:38 PM, Anonymous Green Space said...

Chavez may have SAID that we need to make sure job triggers are kept in tact, but in fact she voted out the original triggers that protected coyote valley from unbridled sprawl.

At 8:56 PM, Blogger SanJoseLady said...

Green....the general plan is still intact...with the triggers. There will be a review of the general plan in a year or two, at that point then there will be votes by the council.

If you have other information, please post a link (am always open to being corrected).

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Yes on Measure A said...

Look at the minutes from the 8/20/02 meeting where council approved accepting money for the Coyote Valley study from the developers who wanted to change the rules. Gonzales asked the council for the power to help select the planning consultant who would run the study.
Item 4.7.

"He explained that currently, economic triggers are structured so that if the Council makes a decision that the financial and job triggers have been reached and 25,000 homes can be built, there is no way to stop that; however, what the memorandum is suggesting is that the Task Force consider the possibility of moving in phases"

Council Member Chavez stated that she believes this project offers an opportunity to be an example of good planning

Council Member Chavez seconded the motion. Council Member Reed stated that he had concerns with recommendations in the memorandum regarding triggers, and it appeared that specific direction was going to be given to the task force as to what they should do about them; but they need to be done in a systematic way with a lot of public input and discussion and staff analysis.

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous concerned dem said...

Good ol' Chuck.

Always a nay-sayer. If you oppose everything, you sure are able to blame a lot of other people for anything that goes wrong.

If Chuck had his way, everything would be in committee till the end of time.

Fact still remains - he does not support Measure A.

There's a reason Boxer supports Chavez. You really think she didn't review Cindy's record?

At 6:52 AM, Blogger SanJoseLady said...

Yes on Measure A:

First of all here is the link, secondly, did you even attempt to read the WHOLE section of the document?

The motion you refer to was proposed by the MAYOR and councilmember WILLIAMS and REED voted FOR the motion you still don't seem to understand:

"On a call for the question, the motion carried unanimously, the public hearing was closed, and the memorandum dated August 16, 2002, by Mayor Gonzales and Council Member Williams, was approved, and the Administration directed to take certain actions pertaining to the initiation of a Coyote Valley Specific Plan,"

Note: this is another example of how the truth of an issue gets twisted and then becomes a flat out lie, while Reed may have brought up a concern he ended up voting FOR the motion, something you failed to mention. You want to cherry pick your information, and our readers want the whole truth.

Further, once again, the triggers were NOT changed, they can't be changed by the city council, they must go through the Planning Commission first, and here is what Gonzales stated about the motion he and Williams introduced:

"He explained that they want triggers that will work through the economic life of this build-out, not just at that moment in time when the triggers are met; and because a job trigger is met doesn’t mean the jobs will stay. He added that they want to be sure the triggers are in place to guarantee growth takes place when it is the right time to take place.

The motion was to create a task force that would study (along with the planning commission) Coyote Valley.


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