Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Goals Outta The Reed Camp

As promised, when a candidate provides an articulation of his/her goals, MW will be there. Courtesy of one of our fav readers "sanjoselady" (http://siliconvalleylife.blogspot.com), we found the Merc's coverage of a hodge-podge of Reed's goals here. Reed advocates:

1) Solar panels on SJ's struggling arts facilities to cut utility costs;
2) Promoting parks in neighborhoods where the most people are able to walk to them;
3) Conservation of hillsides and open space;

Also, big news was presented that was partially scooped by SV411 last night: David Pandori, Michael Mulcahy, former Mayor Tom McEnery, former councilwomen Judy Stabile, Shirley Lewis, and Lu Ryden, and Lan Nguyen all endorsed Reed. Pandori, McEnery, and Mulcahy were no surprise but the other four represent some interesting endorsers.

It is interesting that Reed still is yet to list any of his endorsers on his website. It seems like there are a number of them out there... but he isn't putting them front and center. My personal opinion is that endorsements shouldn't be that important. However, when trust and credibility are the central issues to one's platform, a candidate needs to put forward the names of those who believe s/he is trustworthy and credible.

The Merc article wasn't all good news for Chuck. Toward the end of the article, his dedication to parks was challenged:

Helen Chapman, chair of the city's parks commission and a Chavez supporter, said she was surprised by Reed's parks proposal because in her experience he had shown less interest in parks than Chavez, even on parks in North San Jose, Reed's council district.

Also, the Merc pointed out that despite his interest in preserving open space, he still has problems with Measure A - the initiative dedicated to that purpose.


At 1:29 PM, Anonymous L. Fitzey said...

Finally, Reed has some ideas. Too bad that Merc lady is right - Cindy has a better record on Reed's few ideas.


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