Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Underdog Bites Back

‘Down but not out’ seems to be the new slogan for the Cindy Chavez campaign team. Though the polls still have Chavez trailing Reed, things are starting to look up for Chavez and her supporters. The main ammunition of many Chavez critics has now fizzled into a finger-pointing contest. As many of you now know, Chuck Reed knew about the Norcal arrangement 2 years before Chavez did. But for some reason, every media outlet in San Jose is like a broken record forcing us to read “Chavez, Gonzales, Scandal” every time we open the paper. The Grand Jury testimony has been ignored and Cindy’s accusations against Reed have been referred to as desperate attempts to close the gap between the two candidates.

However, this strategy by the Mercury News, the Metro, San Jose Inside, SV411 and every other supposedly objective news source in San Jose is the real desperate attempt. I hate to sound like a second grade teacher here, but maybe it’s time that the Mercury admit that it was wrong and give Cindy Chavez the apology she deserves (otherwise I will have to put Scott Herhold on timeout). There is still plenty of time left for new information to surface and the public has a right to know if Chuck Reed was the treasurer of a Hilary Duff fan club or if Chavez was once a Disney Mouseketeer.

As citizens of San Jose, we have the right to know the developments of this election, and even more importantly, we have the right to know the truth. While it may be fun to see how much you can fool the public, at a certain point, you have to play “real journalist”. As members of the press, people over at the Mercury News have access to information that the general public is unaware of; therefore, it is their responsibility to report this information to us. But the media is a very powerful weapon and once Scott Herhold and his buddies decided that they wanted Chuck Reed, Cindy Chavez became the victim of libel.

The media has overstepped its boundaries. Every outlet has abused its power in an effort to deceive the public for personal gains. So now, we would like to be the one outlet that will vocalize Cindy’s new bombshell. So again, Chuck Reed knew about the Norcal arrangement for longer than Chavez did. However, during the course of the campaign, Reed and Reed supporters accused Cindy Chavez of being unethical for her knowledge of the contract. Once Mr. Ethics himself took the stand though, he had to come clean about his own involvement with CWS. The Mercury News has already eaten its own words, and now it is time for Chuck Reed to take a look at number 6 of his Reed Reforms “6. Require the Mayor and Councilmembers to disclose material facts before the Council takes action.” It’s never fun to get caught in a lie Chuck, ask Richard Nixon.


At 6:05 PM, Anonymous The Goonie said...

You can say all you want, SJ Rookie, but the key fact is what's left out of that article: Cindy voted for it and Chuck didn't. End of story.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Mr. Alioto said...

Goonie, that's not the end of the story. Reed should have INFORMED everyone of what he knew. Who knows - maybe he purposefully set her up because he would benefit from her lack of knowledge about Norcal so that she would cast that damaging vote. Keep spreading the truth, Rookie!

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous MW Reeder said...

Doesn't that violate reed's reforms? Could someone post that ludcrus list?

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Governator Jr. said...

If you want the list, here you go...

Released January 10, 2006
1. Ask the voters to revise the Charter to make it easier to recall the Mayor and Councilmembers for a violation of the Charter or the Oath of Office.
2. Revise the Oath of Office to include a pledge to follow the Charter.
3. Revise the Oath of Office to include a pledge to put "service above self" and an honor code: "No lying. No cheating. No stealing."
4. Adopt a Sunshine Ordinance that will make it easier for the public to know their rights and easier for the public to find out what the city is doing.
5. Prohibit late staff memos so that the public can have a greater opportunity to respond to proposals and fully participate in the debate.
6. Require the Mayor and Councilmembers to disclose material facts before the Council takes action.
7. Require the Mayor and Councilmembers to disclose any political favors or other consideration they are to get in exchange for their votes.
8. Disclose all offers made to city unions for pay or benefit increases when the offers are made.
9. Disclose the names of people serving on advisory committees.
10. Make broader disclosures of what the Council does in closed sessions.
11. Prohibit closed door meetings for city task forces, commissions and committees.
12. Post notices for meetings of committees, boards, commissions and advisory bodies online on one page.
13. Disclose the salaries of all city employees by position.
14. Disclose records of city employee disciplinary actions to the extent allowed by state law.
15. Disclose actions taken on complaints received about fraud and abuse.
16. Disclose appraisals used in the purchase or condemnation of property after the terms are agreed to.
17. Record all Council closed session meetings electronically and make the information available after the reason for secrecy has passed.
18. Store archive copies of email in a form that will allow for easier public review.
19. Plug loopholes in the campaign financing ordinance that make it possible to contribute unlimited amounts of money in the form of paid campaign workers.
20. Plug loopholes in the lobbyist ordinance that allow many lobbyists to avoid public disclosure of what they are doing.
21. Disclose the calendars of the Mayor and Councilmembers.
22. Require staff for Mayor and Councilmembers to sign a Code of Conduct.
23. Prohibit Mayor and Councilmember interference with the decisions of City Boards and Commissions.
24. Prohibit Mayor and Councilmember interference with the bidding and RFP process.
25. Create a certified training program for Mayoral and Councilmember staff to ensure they are fully aware of laws and ethical standards so they can help their bosses follow the law.
26. Hold regular public hearings on ethical issues around the state so we can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.
27. Revise our Ethics Code to specify that it is unethical for the Mayor and Councilmembers not to follow Council adopted policies without approval of the Council.
28. Prohibit the Mayor and Councilmembers from revising draft staff reports without full disclosure.
29. Start the budget process with a survey of the public in early January.
30. Hold a Conference on Priorities with neighborhood associations in late January.
31. Have Council hearings in February on New Initiatives and Unfunded Programs (NIUPS) and have the Council specify their spending priorities.
32. Report the results of items 29-31 in the Mayor’s March Budget Message.
33. Hold monthly hearings on the status of Council’s directives to staff.
34. Expand the City Auditor’s staff to allow for more performance audits.


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