Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why Do Irvine Developers Want Reed?

Lately there has been quite a buzz about Connecticut donations made to the Democratic Party. Some media outlets - like SV411 - have insinuated that the money was all coming from the same special interest. The evidence for this very serious allegation? That $1,000 was donated from a driver from this development company.

You can go ahead and add "classism" to the list of the prejudices maintained by SV411/Metro. BECAUSE OF COURSE A POOR DRIVER DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY OR SOPHISTICATION TO MAKE A POLITICAL CONTRIBUTION.


We talked about this earlier when we discussed how good ol' Dennis Fong has found every way imagineable to purchase this election. We talked about his siblings and his office managers making donations. If you buy that multiple donations coming from the same source must be a special interest attempting to circumvent finance restrictions, then look at Reed's hands as well. His are dirtier, in fact.

But a discussion about circumstantial evidence supporting accusations of evading campaign finance restrictions is not necessary right now. SV411 and the Reed campaign may like to sling mud this way - but we believe that it's just silly.

What we want to know is... why do Irvine developers care who wins for San Jose Mayor?

The Irvine Company President - sitting pretty in San Juan Capistrano - elected to donate to the Reed campaign. Interesting, no? Last I checked, that's about a 10 hour drive away. Maybe he was excited about the prospect of visiting our wonderful city and NOT seeing a Grand Prix or NOT seeing a musical at the SJ Rep? Maybe he just likes touring cities with naysayer mayors?

That may have been plausible - until we saw more and more donors from this corporation going to Reed. Tony Russo from El Dorado Hills, also an Irvine Company employee, maxed out to Reed as well. Who is Daniel Young? He is the VP of the Irvine Company and apparently HE'S A BIG CHUCK REED FAN AS WELL! Living nice and cozy in Coto de Caza - the city made famous for its centrality in Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County, Young somehow was moved by Reed's campaign to bring transparency to SJ government and decided to max out to Chuck's campaign as well...?

Oh and Richard Lamprecht from the Irvine Company. Living in Laguna Niguel, Lamprecht must have been persuaded by Chuck's vision on education... not on securing development opportunities, right?

Maybe Chuck just has a positive relationship with the Irvine Company. Maybe he frequents their Spectrum in downtown.

But how do you explain the two contributions that came from the "TRC Companies" - more companies interested in development and centered in Irvine?

That's not all the $$$ coming from our friends in the OC! The Sares Regis Group - another Irvine based company interested in development - has also found quite a number of ways of getting the Reed campaign money.

Geoffrey Steck from Sares Regis maxed out. Oh, and SV411 --- his wife, Nancy Steck, also maxed out as well. (Maybe in your attempt to be investigative journalists you could read up on Steck and make unfounded assumptions based upon her economic status as well.) William Thormahlen also from the Irvine-based Sares Regis development company also donated to Reed. And, yes SV411, so did his wife Christine. She maxed out as well. These donors also live in Coto de Caza.

The list goes on and on.

My question is why do Irvine developers care so much who wins in SJ? Much has been smeared against Cindy regarding an alleged development agenda, but nobody has looked at these odd sources of donations for Chuck. What is on Chuck's agenda? His campaign has smeared Democrats for accepting Indian gaming money. The assumption underlying those negative attacks was that special interests don't donate without expectation of reciprocal services. Well, Chuck, using your same logic --- what is the Irvine Company going to get from you?


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you really want to go down this road after reading SJI and knowing the Chavez ties to Coyote developer money as well as her donations from Indian gambling interests?

Chavez is so tainted now, she is on the Manny Diaz-level as far as campaigning.

Restore the Pride, Reed on your absentee ballots as well on Nov. 7!

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous SB said...

Mr. 408, Let's apply Cindy's logic to your argument. She attacked Reed's reimbursements and said that, although other Councilmembers were reimbursed in the same way, Reed was reimbursed far greater amounts than any others. This makes him very guilty, according to her standards.

Same can be said about development money. FAR GREATER amounts have been poured into Cindy's campaign and into Independant Expenditures supporting her campaign. These are no $500 contributions each from a man and his wife, These are $25,000+ donations.

So, based on Cindy's standards, she is the guilty one when it comes to special interest money. If that is not her standard, where is her apology and check for the $1600 SJ Mag ad and other random expenses?

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not just the Coyote Money 408, what about taking donations from companies and then voting for their projects while chair of the VTA? 50K from one company goes to the Democratic Party just days after they get a favorable vote from Cindy on a project. The runner up in that vote gives 20K. John Vidovich the former chair of the SC Republican Party and Coyote Valley developer gives over 6K to the dems to support Cindy. Doesn't this smell just a little fishy to you?

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous d.h.k. said...

glad to see the site back up!

sb - that's stupid. just plain stupid.

cindy's reimbursement (notice the SINGULAR usage of the word) was not less problematic because it was merely less than chuck's... but it was of a completely different character. cindy made ONE single expenditure that had in fine print her name. i don't think anybody would attack using city money for the ad. the ad congratulated a recipient of a municipal award. it follows that the municipality is justified in spending money in publicizing that award. so what did cindy do wrong? she put her name on the ad in small print. i wouldn't be surprised if she was MANDATED to do so by municipal law. it wasn't shameless campaigning like chuck hosed the city with.

yes, you're right: $38K is much larger than $1.6K. but chuck's behavior indicates a widespread pattern of intentional abuse for personal gain.

regarding your analysis, nobody can donate $25K to a candidate. those donations were made to a party. to pretend like that $25K was immediately funnelled to the chavez campaign is downright silly and unfounded. do you have any idea how that money was spent? it would be foolish for the democratic party to allocate 100% of such a large donation to one candidate when it has other responsibilities. foolish... you just like your reedites continue to make baseless assumptions and attacks.

look at a group like COMPAC on the other hand. COMPAC has made this mayoral race its ONLY issue. so when someone attacks dennis fong for donating more than $25K to COMPAC, they have much more legitimacy in raising these concerns then someone who attacks a donation to a PARTY.

have you looked at the FPPC forms? let's look at who is getting more money from developers - cindy or chuck. you'll be quite surprised.

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous larry hughes said...

Hey Anonymous---

Glad to see you're back to your old tricks.

Chuck and his attack machine grouped together all organizations that appeared before the VTA. They attempted to distort reality by including developers that Cindy actually VOTED AGAINST. How is that inappropriate: she voted against somebody and they then donated to her campaign?

Keep spinning your lies, buddy.

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous SB said...

Your site is SO biased and uneducated it is laughable. Trully, you are appearing very young. You have no intention of looking into the real facts of the matter. How much money has South Bay Labor Council spent on Cindy? How does that make them different from COMPAQ?

You give SJSU a bad name -- Oh wait, Cindy graduated from SJSU. Figures.

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy did not vote against Roem they ended up getting another contract, and she voted for it. As for the dems, they are coordinating with her campaign they have said it. They have spent more than half the money they have received on her campaign. You can look at the 460.

Take a look at the Merc poll, the one that had Cindy close a couple of weeks ago it is a done deal you guys are dead and burried her attack machine has failed.

I hope you keep the site up after the election it will be entertaining to see how you spin the results.

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous David Nagel said...

SB, wow... Thanks for that shout out to San Jose State, as a student, I don't feel at all offended. I'm glad I already made the decision to vote for Chavez so that I wouldn't have to vote for her by default considering Reed supporters are as ignorant as you. And maybe my SJSU education isn't the greatest in the nation, but they did teach us how to spell truly...I'm just saying. Whoever you are, it's time you step into the real world. Maybe you could learn from a class on ethics at SJSU seeing that you have no idea how to differentiate between right and wrong. Forget your candidate, you as a person disgust me!

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous SB said...

Oh David, I'm so offended. Ha ha. I am a Master's studet at SJSU, and yes, spelling mistakes are a natural part of life so no need to personally attack my intelligence. I am also a City employee and probably have a lot more real life experience than you. I'm sure I will be your boss one day. I'll be sure to look out for you name. :-)

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Game over Chaveznistas, Ding dong the scummy candidate's campaign is dead.

Restore the Pride, Reed in '06. and the SJSU can go back to school and try to get a clue before they graduate.

At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has always annoyed me that you go from blogg to blogg insulting people who disagree with you. Perhaps that is your way of deferring from the facts set before you. Since you have already cast your vote, why don’t you spare us your continued misrepresentation of the facts. Oh I forgot, this is a blogg for those who don’t want open, respectful discussions on the facts. I guess I’ll resume reading San Jose Insider. At least the Chavez supporters are educated enough to concede a point when they are mistaken…..

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous David Nagel said...

Hi anonymous, my name is David Nagel, who the hell are you? What a shocker, a Reed supporter is hypocritical! Way to participate in the open discussion of this site by posting the same garbage as anonymous every time you sit in front of your computer (which seems to be several hours a day based on your frequent comenting). If you have such a problem with this site, create your own if you have even the slightest idea how to take initiative. I'm sure the operators of this site would appreciate taking a break from having to post your restore the pride comments every hour.

Oh, and please show me what other comments I've posted on other bloggs. Mayor Watch is the only source with any educated, objective news on the election so I don't check the other trash at SJI and SV411. Thanks though for trying to accuse me of being a pathetic low life who has nothing better to do with their time than post comments on blogs in the hopes that they'll be published. Sorry, but I'm not you buddy. I wonder if you'll keep posting on this site after the election...or will your life have no meaning once the election is over. By the way, how much do you get paid working in Reed's campaign office? Oh wait, now I remember, you're an unpaid intern who will become nothing in the mind of City Hall once the election ends! Keep up the great work!

At 11:58 AM, Anonymous David Nagel said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SB and David,

Are you guys both seriously debating the integrity of SJSU? Why not debate the objectivity of this site, it's about as unlikely a comparison.

SB stick to Reed issues, you're not impressing anyone with your SJSU education. Maybe you will be David's boss one of these days, but is there really any pride in working at a gas station as David's superior? Anyway, let me know once you guys graduate, I'll come visit with my Hummer and let you fill up my tank.

As a city employee who actually has some importance (no offense SB), the only thing that matters is that we get that sleaze ball Chavez out of this city. It shouldn't require much more than an SJSU education to realize that!

Restore the Pride, Reed in '06

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

anonymous your coments are always so fun and respectful, maybe SB or David have sick parent that you can make fun of too! I don't even have to criticize Reed right now, you make him look as sleazy as he really is with your comments. Hey David, I think I might be joining you in Berkeley if Reed wins this election!

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Thomas Markson said...


You are very rude. I was going to vote for Cindy but your behavior does not show the quality of character I would hope her supporters would have. Insults get people no where in the world, even if you believe you are right.

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous SB said...


It's better you stay that way because you have no idea who I work for. I was not trying to impress anyone with my SJSU education but letting David know we have something in common.

You are also very rude anonymous and I am ashamed a Reed supporter would behave that way, especially towards another supporter.

From your comments, it sounds like you are the major sleaze ball that needs to be removed from this City. I'll take Chavez over you any day.

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


good luck with taking Chavez over me! haven't you heard the news Chavez is gone, she has no chance and it's time Reed comes in and takes the trash out. Norcal is going to come in and get rid of Chavez, Phaedra, and SBLC. The dawn of a new era!!!

Restore the Pride, Reed in '06

At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Viola said...

I just happened upon this blogg and I'm pretty shocked. Who are you people? I was interested in the topic, "Mayor Watch," and was immediately taken aback, to see you conversing with one another in this manner. Clearly you wish to dialog uncontested in your beliefs.
I graduated from Yale, and I've never seen such rude behavior from fellow students.
I think I'll just move on to a blogg in which I can converse with truly educated peers. SB, you might consider joining me. You sound too intelligent to waste your time with commoners like this.
Good luck to all of you. I think you'll need it.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5 days before San Jose gets rid of Cindy "Slimebag" Chavez, things are bound to get a little feisty. You can take your Yale diploma and show it to someone who cares, none of us need you to "subtly" slip in how smart you are. Keep on wandering Viola!

Restore the Pride, Reed in '06

At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Viola said...

Before I depart this ruse called a discussion, and wander off to greener pastures, I want to point out that I am certain you are not a Reed supporter. I rather think you are a Chavez supporter whose job is to turn voters off of Reed. You must really underestimate the intelligence of these bloggs, and think your rudeness intimidates those reading. What in reality happens is that you are found to be ignorant, and pitied. I personally would like to meet the people who spawned you, and direct them to the nearest Family Planning Clinic, in the hopes of limiting another creation such as yourself. But then again, life does demand balance, so I guess there is a place for your kind somewhere on the planet.


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