Monday, November 13, 2006

What's Next?

As San Jose Inside ponders it's role in the future of San Jose, we here at MayorWatch engage in parallel introspection. The campaign is over and there was no Cindy-rella story. COMPAC, big business interests, Irvine developers, and the print media got their way and Chuck has won. Our single focus (admittedly) has been the Mayoral election here in SJ. The same should be said of SJI - although they're not gusty enough to admit it. Well, to be fair, they weren't only dedicated to destroying Cindy Chavez; they also were committed to obliterating Manny Diaz as well. Go read their immigrant-bashing comments today and I think you'll get my insinuation. But I digress. What is the next step?

One election we will continue to follow is the District 6 City Council race where it appears Pierre Oliverio and Steve Tedesco will face off in a run-off. This, of course, is the seat of esteemed Councilmember Ken Yeager who is on his way out. Tedesco is the former chair of the Chamber. You can guess how SJI and SV411 will weigh in on this one! The Pat Dando-COMPAC-Merc-McEnery upper echelon of SJ politics has done a good job of framing an "us-against-them" ethos where the evil amalgam of labor interests has dominated SJ politics for years. In doing so, they have tried to hide their influence. Tedesco is yet another of the Dando-ites who seeks to continue to turn the Council into an extension of the Chamber of Commerce.

Remain vigilant, friends. Let's do some research and find out about these two candidates!


At 11:21 AM, Anonymous ABC said...

OK, I said I wasn't going to post here anymore (and I'm sure Mr. 408 will post my company's name) but Mr. 408, buy a clue. Please.

First, San Jose Inside isn't immigrant bashing, some bigot with an internet connection posted some lame comment. Did my posting pro Chuck Reed comments here make Mayor Watch a Pro Chuck Reed site? No, I didn't think so.

Second, SJI has been around since the beginning of 2005 (a pretty long time in blogger land) so they have focused on other issues. Of course this year has been focused on the mayor's race. But they've also had other discussions (sadly, the passing of Leonard McKay will leave a hole). Is SJI the end all? No, but I'll bet you it outlasts yours.

Third, the last time I saw Manny Diaz, he was passing around porn at an elementary school.

Finally, and I know you won't believe this, but the mayoral election wasn't about Democrats vs. Republicans. If it was, I would have voted for Cindy. It was about a lot of people tired of the way the City of San Jose does business. We can disagree on whether Cindy could have changed that culture (I, along with 60% of the voters, didn't think so), but please, stop demonizing every other site that doesn't happen to agree with you. That's something Rush Limbaugh would do, and I'm betting you're not a fan of his.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Mr. 408 said...

Thanks for coming back to the site, abc. It's like the prodigal son returning...kinda....hahah :)

I'm not posting anybody's company names. Let's be clear on what transpired earlier: somebody posted from two fabricated identities attempting to look like two different commentors on the site. That's lame. We attempted to provide some consistency and honesty to the discussion by pointing out that the same person had made the same comments. We also demonstrated that such behavior is easily detectable. But we are not in the process of outing anybody. We enjoy our right to anonymity and hope others do too. When Eric Anthony posted on this site, for example, we never outed him. When people from Chuck's HQ posted, we never outed that IP. That's not what we are in the business of doing. Just be honest as an anonymous poster and it's not that big of a deal!

1) You are right that a comment does not determine the character of a website. But many of us believe that the recent assassination of Cindy Chavez's character was racially motivated. I really don't believe that people would have treated her the same way had her last name been "Smith" or "Dando". The SJI/Metro/Merc crew was okay with Chuck's ethical missteps but when it was Terry Gregory, Cindy Chavez, Manny Diaz, or Ron Gonzalez, they went on fullscale attack. There are two explanations in my mind: a) they are subconsciously influenced by the race of the official or b) they are willing to forgive elected's when their politics are more closely aligned. I think (b) is more likely, but (a) should not be ignored. And it is interesting when SJI asks for what direction it should take after the election that one of the first comments is about focusing on illegal immigrants.

2) I agree that SJI has been around awhile and has dealt with diverse topics. But it's primary focus has been on this election. And it admits that today. At least our site was honest about it. I don't doubt SJI outlasts our site. We are students with commitments, not retired politicos with plenty of time and plenty of anger.

3) I never followed the Manny Diaz race closely. I just think people should be suspicious when a bunch of white people sit around bashing two Latino candidates. I don't know enough about what you're referring to to comment - but I believe he was passing along what your boy Sammy had on his MySpace page. Additionally, if spreading porn is a bad thing, why not go after the Metro? Porn, escorts, strippers, and hookers are what keep that in business.

4) I agree that the election wasn't wholly about Dems v. Reps. But it was largely. You (unfortunately) have bought into the framing that the Merc has invented in order to keep selling newspapers. The Merc proved early on that it wasn't concerned with covering the real issues of the election. It benefitted more by ascribing the candidates roles and reporting through that viewpoint. It never wanted to report about Cindy v. Chuck - the Merc painted a David v. Goliath picture that was completely dishonest. This election wasn't business v. labor. Unfortunately, we'll never get to see what Cindy was really about - she never was given the space to communicate her message.

We're not demonizing websites that don't agree with us. But they should be honest about their agendas.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous l. fitzy said...

glad the site is back and running! keep monitoring local politics and i'll keep reading!

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous ABC said...

1. "assassination of Cindy Chavez's character was racially motivated." What assasination? Pointing out her voting record? Heaven forbid. Also, the race card just doesn't play here. Bad candidates are bad candidates. Sometimes they are white and Republican, other times they are Latino and Democrat. Cindy had many opportunities (support sunshine ordinance when it was first introduced 2 years ago, not push through the SJ Grand Prix vote w/o adequate public notice are just 2) to lead on open goverment and failed.

2. I think you're actually agreeing with me that of course during an election season they would focus on the race so I'll let that go.

3. You want to compare passing out porn at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to the Metro? Nice. BTW, Google "Liccardo and Diaz and myspace" and you can read it for yourself.

4. "You (unfortunately) have bought into the framing that the Merc has invented in order to keep selling newspapers."? You've got that Rush Limbaugh patronizing down pat. Much like he couldn't comprehend that Michael J. Fox wasn't being used by democrats and actually cared about stem cell research, you can't grasp that people might actually care about open government. Perhaps when you're older and more mature you'll understand. Oops, now there I go sounding a bit patronizing.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger SanJoseLady said...

Pierre Oliverio is a nice guy, I have met him a few times, I don't know Steve Tedesco, however both of them (as I understand) are Democrats.

I am sure that there will be many stories on both of these candidates, as well as the race for Reed's seat (will be interesting to say the least).

And just to show how diverse we are here at Mayor Blog, I was a strong supporter of Sam Liccardo, he really was the best person for the job.

We can all agree to disagree on the candidates and issues, that is what our nation is all about. What is unacceptable is to personally attack.

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

Wait, ABC, I thought you were on your way out of this discussion? Did the Reed campaign decide to hire you on full time? Oh no, that's right, Reed is stream lining City Hall and declaring himself the first emperor of San Jose. Voting for Reed may have taught Ron that San Jose was pissed at him, but at what cost? Gomez and Reed are going to try and turn San Jose into a charter city. So long democracy, Congrats Reed and Reed supporters!

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous ABC said...

Somehow, my response to Mr. 408s response didn't make it up here. In summary, it was witty, urbane and devastingly brilliant.

As for Mr. Watson, I have no idea what you're talking about. San Jose is a charter city.
You can read about charter cities here: and see a list of current charter cities (including San Jose) here:

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great site. I love to see it grow!!!


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