Monday, November 20, 2006

What We Got With Chuck

The Merc discussed Chuck's transition team today which is built around Tom McEnery, Deanna Santana, and Vic Ajlouny. This announcement is disheartening for quite a number of reasons.

First, as we wrote about two weeks ago, many - even those that voted for Chuck - hoped that he would help San Jose come together in the wake of a nasty election. Many hoped that he would take a conciliatory tone in his newly elected position. Remember: the office of City Council is meant to represent specific geographic regions but the office of Mayor is charged with representing the ENTIRE city. Bringing these three stooges into the transition team does nothing to that effect. To the contrary, I'd be hard-pressed to find more divisive figures than Ajlouny and McEnery. The article, for instance, outlines some of McEnery's harsh rhetoric toward members of the Council. It is tough to imagine how Chuck is going to rise above partisanship and work WITH the Council when his right-hand man is spitting such vitriol. And don't even get me started with Ajlouny. This guy has pissed off more Bay Area Dems than I can count. Some have called him the Karl Rove of the Silicon Valley. It just doesn't make sense that Chuck would put a political strategist into such a central role. Now is the time to be REACHING out.

Second, we are disconcerted with the fact that Ajlouny is a Republican. McEnery, meanwhile, is a... American Independent? We have no problem with political and ideological diversity, but this team doesn't seem very diverse to begin with. Sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade and this looks like a pretty conservative transition team. The problem is that Chuck never sold himself as a Republican. This city is NOT Republican. Chuck boasted of Democratic endorsements and pretended to fit the mold of the mainstream values of the city. It is disingenuous to create such a transition team after running on a centrist platform without any ideological counter-balance.

Third, it is disgusting seeing more and more power being consolidated in the privileged few. McEnery, who comes from a long line of influential San Jose citizens, has been Mayor. He now writes a blog which has gained quite a bit of influence. And virtually every election cycle since the early 90's, the print media has stuck with McE's lackeys. It is ironic that Reed won on an "anti-machine politics" platform and is already installing the usual suspects!

Fourth, how silly does this make San Jose Inside look? Their creator spewed his romanticized rhetoric for months only to secure a prestigious post in the new Mayor's transition team? Maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't SJI at least pretend to be objective journalists? It would be as crazy as Fox News correspondent Tony Snow suddenly working as a PR man for George W. Bush... oh wait, that did happen. You get the picture. Will SJI still pretend to be the voice of the outsider when it's architect sits in the SJ ivory tower?


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What we got with Chuck is great new vision and leadership.

What we got with your posting are the lunatic ramblings of a C student at a 4th rate CSU.

All is good in City Hall these days.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger SanJoseLady said...

Wow anonymous, that post must have taken you all day to put together.

Sadly you can't seem to take the time to have a discussion with anyone who disagrees with you, maybe that is how you see "all the good in City Hall these days."

I wonder how you are going to take the first "hit" Reed encounters? It will come, trust me, it always does.

It remains to be seen how this transition team will work, my first take is that my expectations were higher for Reed, thought he would at least bring on new people to help create a "new, ethical" direction in City Hall.

More interesting will be who Reed hires as his staff. Will there be new, fresh faces? Or old, political retreads?

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous l. fitzy said...

Knocking somebody for going to a "4th rate CSU" shows how deeply ignorant you are. You don't know anything about where these guys go to school. And even if you did, attacking the rankings of a college institution is prejudiced, classist, and downright stupid. Not everybody has as privileged backgrounds as you buddy. Not everyone gets Daddy to pay for their tuition. Not everyone gets to withdraw from their trusts to pay for SAT classes.

Just like a Reed supporter...

At 1:49 PM, Blogger SJ Rookie said...

I hate to interfere here, but these "C students at 4th rate schools" accusations are getting a little ridiculous. You have no idea where we go to school let alone what grades we are receiving. But I can assure you that it takes more intelligence to operate a site with updated information about what goes down in City Hall than it does to copy and paste the same comment every single day.

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is run by SJSU students, so the basis of the 4th rate school. The ramblings and mindless attempts at biased drivel by the site's founders shows they are C students at best.

Hug it out beeooytches!

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

Who operates this site anonymous? Are they friends of yours who you like to joke with? Are they kids from your school who you hate because they make fun of you? Did they work with you in Chuck's campaign headquarters? Or do you not know them at all? Considering your track record of outing people who have already said who they are, I would be incredibly surprised if you knew who runs Mayor Watch and have not yet made it public. After all, your journalistic idols at SV411 and the Metro couldn't even figure out who runs this site. So the only logical conclusion is that you have absolutely no idea who runs Mayor Watch. Glad that you enjoyed my use of the word drivel, I look forward to reading your next 8 comments where you milk that word for all its worth in a pathetic attempt to hide your own ignorance. Maybe you should spend less time watching Entourage, and more time checking your facts...or are you afraid of trying new things?


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