Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SV411 - Can you lose any more credibility?

SV411 awoke from its weekly slumber to provide a final slam against two victims of its yellow journalism. SV411 gives Cindy Chavez a runner-up award for campaign bloopers for attacking Chuck for reimbursing a staffer's religious education. According to SV411:

"But Chavez didn’t mention that the city employee, 32-year-old Mandy Nguyen,
qualified for a $1,400 tuition reimbursement for an intercultural studies
program at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. The religious classes were
only a few of the requirements for her degree."


First, it's funny that it took them a week to come up with this spin. How much time did you morons spend digging through codes trying to defend your golden boy? Last week the excuse was that it was justified because it made the staffer a 'better person'. Then the excuse was that it helped her serve Chuck's constituents better. His position shifts daily!

Second, how is it relevant that she only needed a few more requirements for her degree? I don't get it. You desperate zealots may be right - I haven't dug through municipal codes since Chuck Reed blatantly violated the law by voting to materially benefit his client Los Esteros. But could you point us to the law that says that this is acceptable?

Third, when did Chuck Reed become in charge of the "tuition reimbursement" department? Assuming such a program exists, where can I apply? I have quite a bit of educational debt that I'd like to qualify for. Can I send you an application Chuck? Or do you only doll out these reimbursements to your own staffers? Maybe the city said, 'wow, Chuck is so good at spending the public's tax dollars and getting under-the-table reimbursements --- we should have him in charge of reimbursing government official's education costs!'

Another classic line from SV411's post:

"a raunchy virtual meeting place for public masturbators, butt cheeks, nipples and more sexually explicit images that we can’t describe here."

Maybe you guys can't describe it here. But you can put up advertisements for it in your publication! How much of your revenue depends on the sex industry? Readers - grab a Metro! Flip to the back and look at how many prostitutes and escorts keep this ragsheet in business! You want to talk about values? Well, how about you start promoting money-for-sex in other cities!

The underlying fact is that Chuck once again has proven he does not understand the limits of the power he has been awarded by virtue of his elected position. He does not understand that our money is not his to doll out. Even if there were some allowance that his staffer qualified to receive, he needs to understand the difference between what he CAN do --- and what he SHOULD do. Heck, I would be just as incensed if the money went to a secular education. But the fact that he is using public money to promote religious education is unethical. It is the 21st Century. We know Chuck wouldn't do this if his staffer were Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu. Come on!

Is this what we should expect under a Reed administration? As one of your commentors wrote last week, are we going to need to hope Chuck will "throw us a bone"? Are retribution and cronyism part of the Reed reforms?

And if I can get my tuition paid for by working on your City Council staff... can I have an application?


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