Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Memo to Merc + Metro: THE ELECTION IS OVER!!!

This just in --- the election for SJ Mayor is OVER! Chuck Reed has won.

Hey Mercury News and Metro "editors": you can stop giving Chuck your blind praise now.

In today's Mercury News editorial and in the oh-so-prestigious SV411, the local media both provided the glorious Chuck Reed ass-kissing that they did so well during the election. The Merc talked about Chuck's "straight talk and clear focus on good government" and his "first sparks of mayoral leadership".

Wow. Chuck must have really done something meaningful, right? Wrong. He showed up at a Sunshine Reform Committee meeting and encouraged the members to accelerate their timeline. Oh yeah --- and he "told the members he wanted at least a progress report on the agenda of his first council meeting as mayor on Jan. 9". All he did was show up at a meeting and talk of aspirations?

SV411 reveals how deep the double standards of our journalists run: when Chuck comes and talks about doing things (*note: he did not actually do anything!*) it is the glorious accomplishments of the new Mayor... but when other officials talked and met and discussed reforms, the committee was "crawl(ing) along at a glacial pace".

All anybody has done so far is talk. Stop praising Chuck for doing the same thing. We all know that both media have their agendas. Well, you got your golden boy in office. You can at least wait before continuing your meaningless brown-nosing until (a) he actually DOES something or (b) he's up for re-election!

It's disappointing that this is what our news media have been reduced to. The election is over! It's time to start holding Chuck accountable, not praising him with rhetoric for something so marginal as showing up at a meeting and pressing for outcomes! When the reforms are effectuated, we'll be the first blog to give Chuck a thumbs up. But talk is CHEAP. Action - which Chuck has a very spotty track-record on - is what counts.

The bias in SV411's writing is hilarious lately. Anything connected to Cindy Chavez is automatically trash. For example:
"One Chavez-LeZotte idea rejected by the sunshiners would have allowed
neighborhood association leaders to blab on for twice as long as the two minutes
alloted to other groups, average citizens and assorted nut-jobs who address the

I don't entirely understand why that's so bad. Oh yeah, it came from Cindy Chavez.

Merc and Metro "editors": it's time to hold this guy accountable. Your duty is to be suspicious of leadership. Your obligation is to challenge rhetoric, not praise it. You both did such a great job on Chuck's campaign team. But the election is over. It's time to be real journalists again.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the victor goes the spoils. It's Reed's time to bask in glory and limelight. He deserves it, he ran a great race and hammered an intellectually challenged, inferior competitor.

Reed will be great. No issue at all with the optimism and glowing articles, good times are ahead babay!

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

Anonymous, your comments are so biased, redundant and irrelevant...Are you sure you aren't related to Scott Herhold?

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous ABC said...

1. "It's time to start holding Chuck accountable,"
Hmmm, he doesn't actually take office until January 1.

2. "When the reforms are effectuated." Had to look up what "effectuated" meant. Perhaps because I'm a SJSU grad...

3. "bias in SV411's writing is hilarious lately."
Look in a mirror. Pot calling kettle black.

4."When the reforms are effectuated, we'll be the first blog to give Chuck a thumbs up."
ha ha ha ha ha. hee hee hee hee. guffaw.

5. "I don't entirely understand why that's so bad (letting neighborhood leaders blab on for twice as long as anyone else"
How about it creates a separate class of citizens (many of whom already have an inflated sense of importance)? My opinion is just as relevant as theirs. I'd love to have the ACLU with me on that one.

6. "it's time to hold this guy accountable. Your duty is to be suspicious of leadership. Your obligation is to challenge rhetoric, not praise it."
Unless of course they're suspicious of Cindy Chavez, then it's "character assassination".

At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Ben Watson said...

1. If it's early enough to start praising him, it's early enough to start holding him accountable. No one still considers Gonzales the mayor...

2. Honestly, when are we going to cool it with this SJSU bashing. It may not be a big bucks private school but it is an institution to San Jose that at the very least, we shouldn't criticize...

3. I must have missed that article when Mayor Watch talked about how the candidates looked like models in a magazine and about how someone is a criminal for referring to someone named Michael as Mike. Oh wait, that's because those garbage articles were on SV411...

4. The people at Mayor Watch were the bigger men (or women) on this issue. When the election was behind us, a congratulations was issued to Chuck by this site. Chuck, in all of his corrupt Andrew Jackson elitism, appointed the heads of the political monsters that elected him to office...

5. Great idea ABC, silence the public and don't give them the ability to communicate their ideas and concerns. Really showing your true colors there with this argument...

6. One-sided journalism is sweeping San Jose and the nation as a whole. Mayor Watch presents both arguments to an extent, but it's no surprise that the site has a pro-Cindy pitch. In contrast, the Mercury News and the Metro clean the mud off of Chuck and sling it on to Cindy. If these sources are going to crucify Cindy in the political arena, it's only fair that Chuck at least be susceptible to criticism...

I think that just about sums it up...

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous ABC said...

Mr. Watson, I realize we'll always disagree about most things Chavez/Reed, but to clarify a couple of things:

2. I am a San Jose grad. I'm pretty sure (since I wrote it) it was tongue in cheek

5. ???? I'm hardly silencing the public, I just don't believe that "neighborhood leaders" deserve any more time than you or me. I hardly think I'm trying to silence anyone. Perhaps you're just an elitist who believes there is a special class of citizen that deserves more face time with the council than just us regular folks.

6. "Mayor Watch presents both arguments to an extent..." ha ha. hee hee hee. har har har har har. he he hee hee hee hee hee hee. Guffaw


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