Friday, October 27, 2006

Bias Against Chavez

Wednesday’s article on San Jose Inside begins by declaring, “Well, it looks like a clean sweep for Chuck Reed in his quest to become mayor of San Jose.”San Jose Inside is clearly inside the Reed camp. The article goes on to clarify its boastful lead by explaining that Reed has swept the newspaper endorsements. Big surprise. The Metro, The Mercury, and all of David Cohen’s Community Papers have been biased against Cindy Chavez from the get-go. These papers would just look hypocritical if they endorsed Chavez after months of bashing her. Tom McEnery musters up all his civility to admit that Chavez is a “decent” person, not a good person, just a decent person.

While our site has a healthy debate after most posts, the comments on the San Jose Inside article are overwhelmingly pro-Reed. Where’s the discourse?

And the comments really sadden me when they get into issues of race. John Michael O’Connor asks, “Can someone explain to me in what respect Cindy Chavez is a Latina… except for her surname?” He goes on to assert, “To call Ron Gonzales a person of color is a MAJOR stretch. Does he know more than five Spanish words? Gonzo is no more a person “of color” than I am.” O’Connor needs to understand that Cindy’s lighter skin tone and Gonzales lack of Spanish fluency don’t make them any less Latino. Cindy Chavez is Mexican-American and faced the same deeply embedded social barriers to people of color that all Latinos face in this nation. O’Connor’s use of such superficial measures of one’s level of minority-ness typifies the Reed camp’s ignorance. In a city where more than half the citizens are people of color, we need leaders who have a better understanding of race relations and the covert institutional racisms that exist all around us.


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chavez is not even thought to be a decent person by most of the City's employees. To have her as Mayopr would be a travesty.

This site has no discourse like SJI does, in fact I don't see any at all here since Chavez's campaign is shot and run aground on the rocks. The Mayor, her best pal, even criticized how she has campaigned, by mudslinging instead of the focus on issues that Reed has stuck to.

Glad to see that the electorate will elect Reed in a little more than a week. Time to restore the pride and take out the trash.

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's BS to broadbrush paint Reed supporters as having the same views as O'Connor about race. I don't have any questions about "how much of a Latina is Chavez?" etc. I'm a minority as well, I know what it can be like, even in NorCal. An apology should be made that last paragraph written by the blogger about the Reed camp, that was a disgusting stereotype.

One week away and the Chavez-support board is dead and trying to make racissm an issue. Just classic.

Restore the Pride with Reed in a little over a week.

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy and Ron know very little about, and have done very little on minority issues. Just look at the ethnic, gender and racial composition of the senior executives at City Hall. You would think think we were still living in the 1950s!!

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Alicia said...

Chuck Reed was a Civil Rights attorney. His "camp" is not built on any kind of racism as your post would lead people to believe. Please, tell me where you have seen that from his campaign. It is ignorant to take one person's comment and say everyone in the Reed camp is that way.

I lost all respect for Cindy on Saturday when she said Chuck Reed was "absent" from the first vote on City Hall, leading people to believe he wasn't doing his job as a Councilmember. He wasn't even on the Council at the time!!! She knew that, yet she used a misleading statement. This is not an example of honesty.

This blog is just as bias as SJI and others. You may let people comment about both sides but the blogs are extremely one-sided and do not paint a clear, honest picture of both candidates.

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous L. Fitzey said...

For the record, Reed also quoted General Robert. E Lee in his promotional calendar a few months ago. I'm just sayin...

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People quote Abe Lincoln also, and he had a rather complex, checkered history with slavery as well. . .just sayin'

Chavez's camp is dead. Less than a week left and this site has nothing good to promote for her. Also saw last night she was griping about city funding to help a Reed staffer (a Vietnamese staffer no less) get training to do her job better. She's turning into a total scumbag.

Restore the Pride! Go with Reed.


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