Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Ball Is In Yost's Court...

Mr. Yost, weeks ago, you went line-by-line through a mailer sent out from the Chavez campaign explaining her involvement in Norcal.

Now Chuck Reed has sent out one of the silliest and idiotic hit pieces featuring Ron Gonzalez and Cindy Chavez holding a large die in front of the oversized Monopoly board near the Children's Discovery Museum.

We have covered time and time again why this is one of the most baseless smear tactics that we've seen to date. We've covered how Indian gaming cannot come to San Jose. We've covered how local card clubs would likely OPPOSE introducing Indian casinos to our area. We've even reprinted Chuck Reed's quote saying that he doesn't think he and Cindy have ANY discernible differences between their attitudes on introducing gambling to the city.

Today the Reed droids are already on the spin and somehow are willing to label Reed's hit pieces as "a classic" and "humorous". But the droids still think that Chuck has taken the high-road: "I am almost fearful for Chuck Reed because I am waiting to see the onslaught of dirt and slime that is thrown his way by the Chavez campaign."

Chuck Reed has DEFINED the new low-road by sending out mailers with implications that he knows are irrelevant but that he knows are inciteful. We knew that Chuck would sink to new lows in his desperation.

The only question is: Will the Mercury News step up to the plate and scrutinize these idiotic mailers the same way it criticized Cindy's letter?


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