Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words...

Click here to see Mr. Chuck Reed speaking at a REPUBLICAN event...

The Chuck Reed D.I.N.O. ("Democrat In Name Only") Watch continues!! The
above picture is hosted by the Silicon Valley Young Republican
website: http://www.geocities.com/svyreps/photos.html.
The picture was taken at the Republican organization's Annual Social
Note the Schwarznegger sign above Reed as he speaks to the crowd.
(Click on
the image to enlarge it.)


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous DINO Watch said...

Do people actually believe this guy when he pretends to be a Democrat?

Are there any Democrats who are still endorsing the guy?

Any Democratic clubs endorsing him?

If there are, we should show them how low Chuck is willing to sink to get votes...

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a life, or at least be better read!! Local government in California is non-partisan. Political parties are prohibited from running candiddates for city and county positions. Chuck Reed is a REGISTERED Democrat. That does not prevent him from seeking the support from voters affiliated with other political partioes. Do you remember the Republicans for Clinton stuff in 1996?

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Mr. 408 said...

Hey, anonymous, thanks for your comment... (although in the future could you please try to bash us on other websites as well to boost our readership?)

1) It is ironic that you tell us to get a life. Yet, you're the same person who day after day reads our site and continues to make "Reed '06" postings.

2) It is also ironic that yesterday you bashed a commentor on the site for misspelling "braggs" (http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=30709906&postID=115753093117693040) and then you misspell "candiddates". Can you please just call a spelling truce? :)

3) Zell Miller and Strom Thurmond were both REGISTERED Democrats. Is party registration really that probative of a person's political values?

4) You are right - local elections are nonpartisan officially. But to the vast majority of voters, political ideas matter. With issues like labor, budgeting, environment, education, and housing central to most San Jose citizens, political values and affiliation are crucial to determining who to vote for.

5) You can't have your cake and eat it to: if partisan affiliation is so important, than why stress that he is a REGISTERED Democrat? You know just as well as we do that this city is Democrat-heavy. Don't pretend to be a Dem to get votes and then complain about being called out for breaking party ranks on important issues like the environment or civil unions.

6) Yes, I do remember the Republicans for Clinton stuff in '96 - though if my memory serves me correctly, I was 8 :) Clinton was, by most within the party, a centrist Democrat. Had Clinton been running against a more progressive Dem (a Howard Dean-type), then "Republicans for Clinton" would be a sign that he was more conservative than that opponent. Democrats might have looked to such signs and grown weary. But he wasn't running against a Dean-type. He ran against Dole. Here, Chuck is running against Cindy - both allegedly "Dems". The fact that Republican groups are endorsing Chuck indicates that he is more conservative than she is. Again, see his voting record AGAINST recognizing civil unions for reference. Therefore, to true Dems, the fact that he is pandering to Repbulican groups for votes, suggests that he is not what he paints himself to be. There is a reason he is on the Silicon Valley Republican Youth Federation's website.

7) Also, your analogy is incorrect. We put up a picture of Reed at a Rep event - campaigning for Schwarzenegger! Look at the campaign sign over Reed's shoulder! This is worse than just getting an endorsement from a Republican. This is campaigning for one as well! You think it woulda been okay back in 1996 for Clinton to have campaigned along Gingrich's side? That probably wouldn't sit well in the party.


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