Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chavez Releases a Podcast

People my age statistically use their right to vote less than any other age group. So most politicians don’t waste their time reaching out to people age 18-25. Except for Cindy Chavez. She recently began broadcasting, excuse me, podcasting a podcast called Discussions With Cindy. Willow Glen resident Michele Bertolone is asking the questions in the discussion and Cindy Chavez is answering them. Bertolone acknowledges in her premiere podcast that she won’t exactly be conducting hardball interviews, but that she will focus on “real issues” as opposed to imaginary issues. Admittedly, the podcast is a campaign tool, but a respectable one – at least someone is trying to reach out to us young whipper-snappers.

You can subscribe to the podcasts for free using iTunes. I posted the first 15 seconds of an “episode” so you can get a taste of the discussion. Notice the introductory music that sounds vaguely like introductory music to a Skinemax Movie. Also notice the chumminess between the two women that evocates SNL’s famous Delicious Dish parody of NPR. Click here for a listen.

Chavez’s vocal quality oscillates between passionate and tired. In the first full-length episode, Chavez explains that she decided to run for City Council after someone shot a bullet into her bedroom. When a cop arrived at the scene, Chavez asked what they could do to prevent that kind of incident from happening again. In response, the cop told her to “think about moving”. I’m not entirely sure I buy that story. But if it is true, it’s pretty compelling. “Someone had shot my nest,” exclaimed Cindy. After listening to the podcast for just 10 minutes, I couldn’t reconcile the local media’s image of Chavez as Satan In A Powersuit with this nice lady talking about neighborhoods. To find out for yourself, download “Discussions With Cindy”.


At 11:58 PM, Anonymous D. Wrangler said...

Hmm... another Chavez "campaign tool" on the internet... sounds a little like this blog...
It's not that Reed doesn't want to reach out to young people, he just doesn't HAVE to reach out to young people. Check the polls, dude.

At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should post a reality check on that bullet story. It is becoming a bigger fisherman's tale over time.

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous young dude said...

Yeah, Chuck doesn't need to reach out to people like me. His Robert E. Lee quote on his calendar already hooked me and my buddies. There's nobody cooler in our eyes than Justin Timberlake, Dane Cook and Robert E. Lee. And there is no hotter issue among youngsters than cutting spending and eminent domain. We don't care about education, housing, or the environment.

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous reality chuck said...

Though the bullet story does seem a little fantastic, every account of it I've heard has been consistent. That's not to say that the story couldn't be an elaborate tapestry of lies, but for the most part it seems to be the truth. That being said, it's a story behind he rmotivation to get involved. Why she got involved doesn't matter, the way she has tried to clean up neighborhoods does matter. Besides, someone needs to help those reality check guys actually get in touch with reality. I have to fight the temptation to throw up on my computer screen everytime I read that biased garbage.

Oh, and wrangler, these podcasts are a campaign tool for Chavez to get the youth vote just as Reed's calendar is a campaign tool to get the racist vote. He is definitely leading Chavez in the bigot demographic. Don't act like Reed doesn't have to reach out to young people, he just can't. Reed makes Mr. Burns look like a youthful super model. Being a racist skeleton doesn't exactly make you an appealing candidate in the eyes of young voters. Just because Chavez is behind in some juiced polls doesn't make Reed a better candidate, it just makes the public victims of yellow journalism.


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