Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attacks Against Chavez Become Racialized...

***UPDATE: Merc Takes Down Racist Comment***

Wow. Disgusting.

After reading today's article in the Merc, I was pleased to read a much-needed layout regarding the Mayoral election. I was pleased because after reading yesterday's article/column/rant by Herhold that the Merc got back to what it should be doing: discussing facts, not opinions. Cindy and Chuck both took hits - Cindy was characterized as closely tied to Ron and Chuck was criticized as being nothing but a "dissenter". Check out the article for yourself here.

I checked out the discussion thread that followed the article. There, I read the most recent post by someone who spit out more hate against the candidate. Check the post out for yourself: The poster "Joe Sixpack" wrote:

Of course Chavez must be poor. She has a Hispanic surname isn't that enough? Even if she isn't poor she is in a better position to relate to the poor. Right? As far as not helping with a complaint against a rogue cop she is a Police Force of One herself. Why didn't she single handledly demonstrate that she alone could control a near riotous crowd at Mardi Gras?
Posted by: Joe Sixpack

9/2/2006 10:35 PM
449.8 Report as Violation

I am unfamiliar with the Merc's discussion board's rules and regs. I hope that they erase this immediately. Whether you're a Chuck Reed or Cindy Chavez supporter (heck, even a Pandori supporter), please email the Merc and ask them to take this racial hatred down.

I'm just disgusted that people still think/talk in these terms...


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Philip T. said...

wow, that's pretty awful.

At 3:50 PM, Anonymous disgusted said...

it looks like the merc won't leave their Cindy criticism to just lies and double standards. how this comment made it past the editors of the mercury news blog is beyond me. atleast they've removed the comment now. it looks like you guys are flexing your muscles and getting under the skin of the merc. keep it up!


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