Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It Sucks To Be Ron

Things don’t look good for Mayor Ron Gonzales. After being arrested and censured, he’s gotta feel more embarrassed than Ashlee Simpson after her infamous SNL lip sync hoedown – only Ron can’t blame it all on acid reflux. At yesterday’s City Council Meeting, the Council moved one step closer to finally ousting the mayor. They are working on an ordinance that would officially make it possible to remove an elected official for misconduct. The vote was 10-1. If you can guess who the one person to vote against the ordinance was, you have a chance at winning the Extremely-Obvious-Trivia-Challenge of the day! That’s right, it was Ron who voted against making it easier to get rid of himself. A vast majority of the council has already publicly indicated their desire for Mayor Gonzales to do the honorable thing and resign, citing his inability to get through the day-to-day duties of being the mayor while fighting hordes of critics. City Council meetings this month are looking more and more like interventions as various council members essentially declare, “Ron, we’re here because we love you… and to let you know that you have a problem.” But in this case, drugs are corruption, rehab is resignation, and poor Ron has 10 parents instead of 2.

Personally, I echo the sentiments of some City Council members who have said they don’t make any judgments regarding Gonzales’ guilt, but the fact of the matter is that the Court of Public Opinion has already rendered a guilty verdict. In order for San Jose to move on and become as great as it should be as the 10th largest city in the U.S., we need a mayor who is not surrounded by a dark cloud of corruption everywhere he goes. Though I don’t think his crime was even that bad. It looks like his mistake was procedural, not substantive (For those who live under a rock and don’t know, Gonzales and his top aide, Joe Guerra, offered to pay garbage hauler Norcal higher worker wages behind closed doors). It cost the tax payers a 9 percent garbage rate increase in 2003. But in the grand scale of corruption, his deal is benefiting garbage men, not oil tycoons. And no one is dying in the Middle East because of this mistake. That being said, I still agree with Councilmember Nancy Pyle who urged the mayor to resign - “The reason is that the number one thought at this point should be to keep the city running smoothly and this would be a distraction.” For the sake of his family and the city of San Jose, he should have resigned back then, instead of being dragged out kicking and screaming.

Either way, both mayoral candidates are trying to see how they can benefit from the city’s condemnation of Gonzales. At this point, saying you want the mayor removed is as uncontroversial as saying, “I’m anti-racism” or “I thought Friends was a good show”. Naturally, mayoral candidates Chuck Reed and Cindy Chavez are now duking it out to see who can wag their finger at Ron harder. In December, Chuck Reed filed the papers to allow the city council to remove Gonzales from office. In June, Cindy Chavez led the effort to severely cut the mayor’s budget and make his calendar public. Chuck is quick to point out that Cindy is the only candidate who endorsed Gonzales. Cindy is quick to point out that Chuck is the only candidate to be endorsed by Gonzales.

The mayoral race would probably benefit from refocusing attention off of who lives closer to Ron or who has more letters in their name in common with Ron, and onto some issues that the next mayor has some control over. So shoot Ron an email saying, “Dude, I know this sucks, but you gotta peace out.” Then write Cindy and Chuck emails saying “I get that you’re trying to distance yourself from the mayor, but what are you going to do for San Jose’s parks, education system, healthcare, neighborhoods, and / or public events?” After that, vote!


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Victor said...

You were told, no posts about Chuck Reed. Now I must ask Armando to send you a letter.

The Victor Man

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron's fate belongs ultimately in the courts. However, politicians need to be held to the highest standards and in this arena he failed.

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous I'm 2 q+t said...

loved the Metro article. keep up the good work and thanks for keepin real for us under 30's

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Tito Tiddles said...

I actually thought it was obvious that Friends was a horrible show.

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous jessica1 said...

Hey victor:

I responded to you in a different commenting section re: Hoestetter.

I remember reading this stuff at the sjinside blog about a month ago and never really was given any hard evidence. I was intrigued at the time, but it seems like nobody had any real facts to support the allegations.



There are a lot of interesting allegations made there that you are renewing, victor. Throw us a bone!!

Btw, for those of us that read sanjoseinside regularly, you'll see what I am now going to refer as a "JMO" at comment #25 on the second posted link (named after one of the Chuck-o booster club members and one of our commenting favorites, John Michael O'Connor). A JMO is when somebody makes an argument based around a spelling error, a trivial technicality, or what we, in law, refer to as a distinction that doesn't make a difference.

His post on the second link at #25:

"Yo, #23. Are your facts as poor as your spelling? Its “Reed” , Not “Read”.

But after all the rancor from y’all, still no FACTS. Hhmm, why could that be?

I didn’t realize Chuck was a County Planning Commisioner. I thought he was a City of San Jose Planning Commisioner. You sure you got that right, Mr. Anonymous 23?"

You can also look to the first link at comments 30 and, where JMO...well, pulls a couple of JMOs...

"...Six, you anonymous idiot, you cannot even spell weenie correctly."


"...You can’t even spell Hostetter the same way twice, let alone correctly."

My favorite JMO is when our buddy had this to say about MayorWatch:

"If you’re going to appear legitimate, you have to at least get your facts straight. There is no such thing as a San Jose Deputy District Attorney, as you describe Dave Pandori. District Attorneys are COUNTY employees, not city employees. So, only the City and County of San Francisco in California, has a “city” District Attorney.

And Chuck Reed is not a FORMER lawyer. he is still a lawyer."

(see: at comment 13)

Sorry for the long and late post... I gotta run a quick spell check before I submit it so I am naught hitt wiht a barrraj uf JMOs.

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous d.h.k. said...

"Naturally, mayoral candidates Chuck Reed and Cindy Chavez are now duking it out to see who can wag their finger at Ron harder."

I agree completely! Check out Chuck's voting record on his webpage! I love how much of Chuck's "voting record" consists of doing things that Ron didn't! It's hilarious! I think this finger-wagging may become San Jose's version of "bloody shirt waiving".

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous just curious said...

ahh, yes, my friends... but who watches the mayor watch???

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Larry Hughes said...

Say what you will about the Mayor...

Last night, I cruised past the light show against the new City Hall on my way home from work. Wow. It certainly was amazing. I have read a number of posts on this site and on sjinside about revitalizing downtown. About putting SJ on the map. About making our city a cultural center. And last night, I saw (literally) more than 300 people gathered around City Hall at 9:30pm snapping pictures of what they saw. It was that amazing of a sight. Before that new City Hall was put in, that part of SJ was not safe. I saw kids running around there last night! Anyway, I am probably the first person to criticize Ronzo. So say whatever you like about him mayorwatch! But from day #1, he has aggressively marketed San Jose. With all due respect to previous Mayors, I don't think I've seen as dramatic of changes and developments in SJ under any Mayor in my lifetime. (Hopefully, my sjinside account isn't revoked now!) It's a little ironic that 20 years from now, when, I don't know, SJ hosts an Olympiad, and people from SF finally start saying "Let's go for a night out in San Jo", Ron won't even be a footnote in the discussions of this city's trajectory.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous SKIP THE BBQ!!! said...

- Great article at the SCCDP blog( that addresses COMPAT (Dando's) BBQ tomorrow.

- That great article links to a tasty print article ( written about COMPAT's recent activities...

- COMPAT Dando's website boasts that tommorrow's Q is bipartisan...?! COMPAT has become about as partisan as the San Jose McEnry News!

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Pandorifriend said...

Chuck Reed, Jessica 1, served on the Santa Clara County Planning Commission, check the bio on the League of Women Voters website. He served on both the city and county planning commission. Contrary to the Ethics Policy, Mr. Integrity, testified on behalf of one his contributors before the City Planning Commission considering a project on Berger Drive.

Mr. Integrity met with developers outside of the city to tell them how to present a project before an advisory committee.

Mr. Integrity's own aide, Armando Gomez used, in terms of the Milpitas city activists, unethical tactics to browbeat a challanger.

Mr. Integrity's own consultant, who routinely boasts as to how much Chuck is under his thumb,has told Chuck, who claims to be a Democrat, to appear at Republican fundraisers. Under Chuck's directions, a candidate for Sunnyvale city council put on a phony firefighters uniform to campaign for office.

This is Mr. Integrity???

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

screw armando, worst Chief of Staff ever and plus his bro, Gomez Jr was involved in some scandel with the City of Milpitas as councilmember


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