Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Good Day For Cindy Chavez

Today, Cindy Chavez has more than just the nice weather to smile about. Despite the Mercury News talking more smack than the girls on Flavor of Love, Cindy can finally open the paper and see someone else’s name being dragged through the mud. Now it’s Pat Dando’s turn. The Mercury reported today that Dando also joined Mayor Gonzales in approving the $11.25 million for Norcal. During her testimony before the Grand Jury, Dando nervously asked, “Will this be made public?” Yes – Ms. Dando – this will be made public.

Pat Dando is the President of the Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, which sent out the illegal hit pieces against Chavez just before the primary election. Needless to say, being tied to Ron Gonzales and that hint of corruption could make Dando look quite hypocritical (just as she did with the Grand Prix). The Merc also reported that “Her aide, Joshua Howard, later testified he was dumbfounded that she had signed the memo.”

Another article reported that the city of San Jose should actually stick with Norcal, at least for the time being. I don’t think that’s something that Chavez will be publicly celebrating. (“See! – this secret deal is not so bad after all!”) But it certainly lessens the sense of condemnation against Chavez.

San Jose State Professor Terry Christensen is urging the City Council to disclose all of their outside incomes. This could be a big step toward regaining public trust in city hall. It could also be good news for Cindy. If both mayoral candidates had to release their outside incomes, the voters would find out that Cindy has not received any income besides her annual salary as a city councilmember. But the voters would find out about Chuck Reed’s law firm’s more unsympathetic clients. One of our frequent commentators, D.H.K. pointed out that Reed’s firm (Reed, Elliott, Creech & Roth) has represented drunk drivers against DUI charges as well as asbestos plaintiffs – 90% of which are estimated to not have legitimate claims.

Finally, Chuck Reed was seen at his 58th Birthday party not wearing his signature American flag tie – perhaps because the gentle criticisms from SJ Rookie finally got to him. That leaves the score at Chuck Reed: 0, Fashion: 1.


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous lovinsj said...

Finally, the Merc is wising up to the tricky, wicked Pat Over-dundo.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous d.h.k. said...

I'm glad the Murk-ury News finally has printed SOMETHING about Pat Dando's lies. I loved her quote about "Are these transcripts going to be made public?"

She bashes and bashes but apparently she's known about this so-called scandal for longer than anybody else.

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous just a fan said...

Hilarious! I love it!


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