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Chuck Reed: The Man Behind The American Flag Tie

In today’s age of mass communication, it is easier than ever before to find out and spread information about political candidates. Like it or not, the details of a politician’s personal life have become relevant. If Bill Clinton taught us anything, it’s that saxophones are rad and that the public wants to know more than just one’s policy stances. So, we present a biography on mayoral candidate Chuck Reed…

Chuck Reed was born in Garden City, Kansas where he immediately dove head first into the working world. At 15, Reed was driving a bulldozer; by 16, he had moved on to an 18-wheel semi truck. But his love of all things mechanical and made of cold, hard steel didn’t end there – Reed went on to join the United States Air Force by way of the Air Force Academy. Now, I know what you’re thinking – this is the part where Chuck becomes a radically conservative, gun-toting Republican, right? Wrong. From this point on, ol’ Chucky shows us his soft spot and embraces moderate Republicanism. “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Instead, it’s off to Princeton University and Stanford Law School. These experiences gave Reed a solid work ethic, appreciation for the hard-earned dollar, and a strong resemblance to my preachy grandfather.

After over twenty years of serving as an attorney, Reed ran for a spot on the San Jose City Council as the representative from District 4. Once elected, conservative Reed became somewhat of an antagonist to the ten other members of the Council. His frugal mindset led him to oppose some of San Jose’s biggest projects – such as building the new San Jose City Hall and subsidizing the San Jose Grand Prix. Though well-intentioned, Reed voted against the $4 million Grand Prix contract that is now projected to generate $400 million for the city over the next ten years. And in the meantime, “Dr. No”, as he was branded by some city hall employees, failed to offer many of his own suggestions (or bills, for that matter) as to how the city could be improved.

With the current state of city hall, Chuck Reed’s campaign team can’t help but stress his high ethical standards, penny-pinchingness, and devotion to the City Charter. And really – who else wears the American flag so well?


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Curious... said...

Seriously, what bills has Reed authored / co-sponsored? I'm not asking rhetorically...

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous d.h.k. said...

Is there any chance Chuck isn't too proud of his employment as an attorney? His campaign website's bio is pretty dull with respect to this point ("Chuck has been an attorney in private practice in San Jose since 1978, specializing in environmental, employment, land use and real estate law, and commercial litigation.") Seriously, look at his city council web page: ( It doesn't say a thing either besides the same empty descriptions. Google Reed and "law firm" and you have to sort through hundreds of links before you can even find the NAME of Reed's firm let alone WHAT he did there (and what type of clients he represented...) I don't know, call me CRAZY, but if I were the MANAGING partner and CEO of a law firm, I'd PROBABLY have the name of that firm somewhere on my website. For the record, the firm's name is Reed, Elliott, Creech & Roth.

Here are three FUN facts about Chuck's law firm:



That's right! Mr. Reed's law firm will fight for you, drunk-drivers of San Jose! In California, 1643 out of 4120 traffic fatalities in 2004 involved alcohol. I don't blame Chuck for not having anything related to THAT part of his firm's practice on his website...

WANNA JOIN THE MASSES AND FILE AN ASBESTOS CLAIM?,+Elliott,+Creech+%26+Roth%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=41

Another delightful practice area of Mr. Reed's law firm that isn't commonly mentioned in the papers. Today, there are more than 8,400 asbestos defendants. Asbestos lit has forced 41 companies since 2002 to go bankrupt, leading to 60K lost jobs! (The Impact of Asbestos Liabilities on Workers in Bankrupt Firms, Sebago Associates (lead author: Joseph Stiglitz), 2002.) Estimates out there suggest that 90% of successful plaintiffs don't have malignant claims. (Asbestos Litigation Costs and Compensation: An Interim Report, RAND Institute for Civil Justice, 2002 (updated 2005).) Well, given that asbestos litigation has been estimated to cost American businesses $70 billion since 2002, and on average, only 42 cents on the dollar end up in the hands of the 'victims', who could blame Reed's firm for getting a piece of that pie?

CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS?,+Elliott,+Creech+%26+Roth%22&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=61

Reed's firm represented these plaintiffs in what was a monumental case that ended up in the California Supreme Court. This case expanded the doctrine of strict liability to include window manufacturers for damage caused to other parts of the home. What is strict liability? It means that plaintiffs do not need to show that the defendant was at FAULT in order to recover! (And you wondered why insurance rates and housing costs were through the roof???)

I have nothing against Reed. I have nothing against Chaves. I'm on board with the "be honest about your background" posts that came up yesterday or the day before.

If anybody can do some digging re: Reed's legal career, I think it'd be beneficial to us all to find out a little more...

At 9:17 PM, Anonymous lovinsj said...

One doesnt need to wear a flag tie to be a patriot. We got the message-now change the wardrobe.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Tom said...

How delightfully Fox News-ish!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Victor said...

Chuck Reed engaged in an unethical meeting with local developers dealing with land use decisions involving the area arouned Hoestetter.

When he was a county planning commissioner, he misuses his title and testified for a client of his appearing before the San Jose City Council.

Armando Gomez, Reed's Chief Aide, also engaged in unethical conduct in the last Milpitas election by using a newspaper that was really a slate mailer.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Victor said...

The Reed legal career

a. charging the airport a TON OF MONEY for challanging the EIR in the expansion;

b. Reed invests in oil companies, particularly in ones with international connections;

c. Reed sent an attack piece against a school board candidate

d. Reed used his title as a county planning commissioner to speak for a client and a contributor in a city public hearing.

e. Reed gave poor advice to a school district bond campaign which led to a fine by the FPPC.


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